In desperate need to get rid of that nagging sore after being too ambitious at the gym earlier? Or accidently pulled some muscles when reaching for that top shelf? Almost everybody has likely experienced discomfort in his or her muscles at some point.

We have scoured our store to find the top 10 best products to ease muscle soreness so you can get back to doing the things you love.

1) Tiger Balm White Ointment

The classic Tiger Balm ointment which many of us grew up with. It is often used for headache remedies but also works wonder on muscle pain. Gently rub over the affected area to allow its herbal formulation to soothe the discomforts quickly and effectively.

Tiger Balm White Ointment 30g

Tiger Balm White Ointment


2) Axe Brand Medicated Oil

Axe Brand Medicated Oil is made from a unique formula and has been used throughout the world for nearly 60 years. It is pure in colour, pleasant in odour. It is mild yet suitable for use by both adults and children for relief of giddiness, headaches, travel sickness, stomach-ache, insect bites, rheumatic pain, muscular pain, blocked nose and cold.

Axe Brand Medicated Oil No.1 56ml

Axe Brand Medicated Oil


3) Ammeltz Yoko Yoko

A very popular product known to efficiently and effectively relieve stiff shoulder pain and muscular aches. The bottle is well designed with a sponge applicator – easy to reach the problem areas without having to touch the liquid ointment with your hand. Another plus point, this product doesn’t stink up your room owing to its special Japanese formulation.

b-Ammeltz Yoko Yoko Stiff Shoulder Muscular Aches 48ml

Ammeltz Yoko Yoko


4) Double Lion Trade Mark Kwan Loong Medicated Oil

Kwan Loong Medicated Oil is combination of herbal ingredient, trusted for generations to relief muscular pain.  Only a few drops will do the job as its concentrated formulation penetrates quickly to provide almost instant relief  for the soreness.


Double Lion Trade Mark Kwan Loong Medicated Oil 15ml

Double Lion Trade Mark Kwan Loong Medicated Oil

5) G&G Nutmeg Plus Balm

Nutmeg is also an effective sedative, widely used in ancient Chinese medicine. The Chinese used the spice to treat inflammation and abdominal pain. To relieve the pain, apply nutmeg balm to the affected areas. It smells real good too.

G&G Nutmeg Plus Balm

G&G Nutmeg Plus Balm


6) Hisamitsu Salonpas Pain Relief Patch

Ultra-thin and flexible patch to be applied onto affected area. Active ingredients are delivered directly to the site of pain through the skin, providing up to 12 hours for long lasting relief to sprains and strains.

Hisamitsu Salonpas Pain Relief Patch 5 X Patches

Hisamitsu Salonpas Pain Relief Patch


7) Kangaroo Brand Eucalyptus Oil

Although eucalyptus is best known for its stimulating and aroma-therapeutic refreshing properties, the oil is actually quite useful when used as a warming oil for muscle aches, pains, spasms, sprains, and poor circulation.

Kangaroo Brand Eucalyptus Oil 56ml

Kangaroo Brand Eucalyptus Oil

8) Panadol Panaflex For Muscle & Joint Pain

Panaflex patch has a clean minty fragrance and a slim, flexible, non-messy format suitable for wearing under clothing. It is a water based, low allergy, and gentle on skin.

Panadol Panaflex For Muscle & Joint Pain 2 Patches

Panadol Panaflex For Muscle & Joint Pain

9) Sloans Analgesic Rub

Sloan’s Analgesic Rub Cream is formulated to provide relief for muscular pain & stiffness including rheumatic pain, backache, sciatica, lumbago, bruises, sprains & chilblains. Slowly massage into the skin for relief from pain. Expect a warm sensation from the massage area.

Sloans Analgesic Rub Relieves Muscular Aches And Pain 50g

Sloans Analgesic Rub Relieves Muscular Aches And Pain


10) Taisho Counterpain

This pleasant, analgesic cream provides quick and soothing relief for joint and muscle aches and pains, strains and sprains. Counterpain Analgesic Balm provides deep penetrating ultra relief to work where it hurts.

TAISHO Counterpain Relieves Muscular Aches And Pain 120g

TAISHO Counterpain Relieves Muscular Aches And Pain


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